Disruptive Branding

by Jacob Benbunan


I have tremendous respect for Saffron. The consultancy started by Jacob Benbunan and the late Wally Olins has always delivered effective branding projects where design and strategy go hand in hand.

"Disruptive Branding", written by Jacob Benbunan and his team, offers a very contemporary view on Branding and how Brands can manage to stay relevant and be disruptive in the fast paced, vibrant and global economy we currently live in. They argue that the ones that don´t, might be just ticking time bombs waiting to be disrupted by competitors or newcomers to the market.

The authors go on guiding the reader on what it takes to adopt a disruptive mind set in brand creation and management.

How to define a strong Brand Strategy that focuses on the differentiating aspects of your Brand and use it as a management tool. How Design can bring it to live across all touch points. How the strategy can help engage a company´s  internal audiences and also shape the way a brand is experienced by its external audiences. How to use it  to help you broaden your portfolio with on-brand products and services.

"Disruptive Branding" addresses these questions and many more. It is definitely an invaluable tool not only for Designers but also for Strategists and Managers. It is filled with case studies about disruptive brands, checklists and advice on how your brand can be part of the disruptors rather than the disrupted.

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