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I think that there is nothing more inspiring than a good conversation. But how often throughout our busy days, do we really get to slow down and have a deep and meaningful conversation about Design?

Not very often if you ask me. That's why I like podcasts.
I really enjoy listening to talented people talk passionately about Design. You are not there but as a listener you still feel like part of the conversation.

And they help me make the most of my 30 minute daily commute to and from work. That's the time I usually devote to listening the latest episodes of my favorite podcasts. Starting the day listening to different ideas, solutions or just catching up with what’s going on in the design world, really sets me up. 

And for those of you that also like listening to what other designers are thinking and doing, I have compiled a list of the podcasts you should be subscribing to. They're full of inspiration, insights and advice. I'm sure you'll learn something new! 

Hope you enjoy.


How Brands are Built 

There aren’t many podcasts on brand strategy that are as hands on as How Brands are Built. Like the name implies this is where branding professionals from the likes of Marty Neumeier and David Aaker face the mic and talk about their experience, processes and inspiration. 


Meet the Creatives

As Rob puts it Meet the Creatives is "that seeks to bridge the gap between entry-level creative professionals and the industry's best".



The podcast hosted by Jeff Venn focuses on what goes behind the digital products we use. Presentable hosts designers, developers, builders, to discuss trends, methods and tools used around the world.



James and Per dive deep on all sorts of topics related to User Experience Design. UXPodcast is published twice a month and has hosted conversations with guests such as Marc Stickdorn (co-author of This is Service Design) and Mike Monteiro. It is packed with insights about business, technology, people, and a touch of Swedish culture.


Clever Podcast

In Clever, Amy Devers and Jaime Derringer (from Design Milk) have candid and revealing chats with all different sorts of Designers and creatives. I really like the intimate style of the conversations how the guests always share personal moments about their lives and journey into Design. The only negative is that the somewhat repetitive format makes it hard to binge listening (if that’s even a term). 


Dribbble Overtime

Overtime is now hosted by Meg Lewis, an independent designer with a love for comedy and an effervescent personality. It is entertaining, fun and full of insights.

I'll try my best to keep the list updated. So if you have any suggestions, or know of any interesting design podcasts that should be in this list, please answer the following survey

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